Visualize and Simplify Complex Database Schemas

We offer the most powerful, high-performance and affordable data modeling tool on the market.

Leverage your metadata to make better decisions

“Data Modeling is an essential tool for organizations that seek to make better use of their data assets and gain a competitive advantage in today’s data-driven marketplace”


Create illustrative sketches, such as entity-relationship diagrams, workflows and use case diagrams, to drive software and data engineering processes

Reverse Engineering

ERD Architect Data Modeler provides a simple, yet powerful approach for creating models and diagrams from existing databases. This saves time and provides flexibility to the users in the interaction with ERD Architect. With just a few clicks, you’re editing and creating within a powerful toolbox of features.

Forward Engineering

Forward Engineering is Generating schema(DDL)from models. In addition to instant DDL, ERD Architect offers a powerful DDL Work-bench on which users can pick and choose objects prior to dispatching to the database and bulk generate schema with item-by-item descriptions on the outcome of executing in database.

Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary Designs can be created and saved along with models. Export them to CSV(Comma separated) or HTML for documentation, analysis, sharing, peer reviews and collaboration. HTML Reports can also include diagrams

Schema Compare

ERD Architect Data Modeler enables database administrators, software developers and database analysts to visually compare the structure of two database schemas in order to identify differences between them. The differences are highlighted in different colors, allowing you to see what was deleted or added, what was moved to another table, etc

Object Dependency

When schema is imported from SQL Server database, In addition to Foreign Key References, ERD Architect brings the dependencies between tables, views, stored procedures and functions. Users can leverage from this, quickly solve problems by understanding the underpinnings of schema objects

“ERD Archtect has saved us hundreds of hours of work and has helped us build many SQL databases.”

Manu Krishna

CEO, Tarantula Global